The Sociolinguistics of English Language and Society

LING6302 – The Sociolinguistics of English Language and Society

At the end of the course students should have a full awareness and understanding of:

•        The nature of the linguistic landscape in the Wider Caribbean Region

•        Variety and status of languages used.

•        The social, political, economic, environmental and legal issues associated with these languages.

•        The issues peculiar to minority and indigenous languages and those who speak them, with special reference to the Wider Caribbean Region.

•        The issues and processes involved in making and implementing policy for vernacular languages.

•        The various approaches to the study of language that have been adopted by linguists over the past five (5) decades, with special reference to attempts to account for and describe variation in non-standard languages.

•        The possible approaches to research on Caribbean languages, with special reference to variation.