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About the Library

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About the Library

The CCDC's Library and Resource Centre supports the centre's mission to provide greater opportunities for the public to access information via electronic and print media and the dissemintion of information. 

The Facilities of the Library and Resource Centre include:      

  • internet access to full-text database
  • reading room/ computer facilities
  • photocopying/printing resources
  • audiovisuals/monographs/serials/access to research papers, articles, etc. 



The CCDC library caters to the information needs of users primarily through technology and informational services. Our main aim is to provide current material and quality service to all users who need information on children and families, especially users within Jamaica and the Caribbean. These users include students at the primary, secondary and tertiary (including post-graduate) levels, teachers, researchers, the NGO community, parents and practitioners.  We also aim to support programmes offered by University of the West Indies Open Campus (UWIOC) and other related institutions. 

Library Users

At CCDC, we largely serve clients at a distance, via document delivery, e-mail, and other internet-based communication.  This enables patrons to retrieve material from our websites and databases. However, we do have a number of walk-in visitors, especially students, who are also accommodated on premises and assisted by the Librarian.