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Trinidad & Tobago

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Are Day Care and Pre-School Services overseen by the same Ministry?

Both Day care and Pre-school services are provided in the most part by the private sector. Day Care services have traditionally been guided by policies from the Ministry of Health and Social Services Delivery and pre-school services under the Ministry of Education.  In June 2011, the new Peoples Partnership Government established a new Ministry, named Ministry of Gender, Youth Affairs and Child Development.  This Ministry is currently in the process of developing its Strategic Direction and recently held a meeting that examined the remit of various Ministries and the overlaps that may occur re responsibilities. Generally though, this new Ministry is responsible for overseeing child development nationally inclusive of the early childhood group. However the governing body for pre-school education in Trinidad and Tobago (3 and 4 year old children – who transit to primary school at age 5) remains the responsibility of the Ministry of Education.

Government authority responsible for Early Childhood Development (ECD):

Ministry Name Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago

Name of section responsible for ECDEarly Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Division

Title of early childhood curriculum in use: National Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Curriculum Guide



  • The Education Act of Trinidad and Tobago governs educational services
  • The Children’s Authority exists – yet to be proclaimed



  • Developed, accepted by Cabinet, tabled at parliament and all stakeholders sensitized.
  • Document not yet legislated.


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