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Dear Friends


We are very pleased to advise that LIAT airlines has “come on board” and is offering Scholar Ship participants theirlowest fares from the Eastern and Southern Caribbean to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Sample round-trip fares are as follows:


Guyana-San Juan-Guyana                            USD753.00 (via Barbados & Antigua; overnight in Antigua)


Barbados-San Juan-Barbados                       USD546.36 (via Antigua)


Trinidad-San Juan-Trinidad                          USD543.85 (via Antigua)


St. Lucia-San Juan-St. Lucia                         USD428.29 (via Antigua)


St. Vincent-San Juan-St. Vincent                  USD408.49.85 (via Antigua)


St. Kitts-San Juan-St. Kitts                           USD287.00 (via Antigua)


Antigua-San Juan-Antigua                           USD275.00 (non-stop)



To make your bookings and access these special fares, please contact:


Michelle Anthony

Central Sales

LIAT (1974) Ltd.

Telephone# (268) 480-5618

Fax# (268) 480-5625

Email: Charters@liat.com

If you are travelling from a country not mentioned above, kindly advise Ms. Anthony who will give you the relevant fare.

UWI Open Campus Scholar Ship thanks our regional airline, LIAT, for contributing to the success of our maiden voyage by partnering with us.


Once again, we encourage you to make your airline bookings as soon as possible as there is traditionally an increase in demand for flights at Easter.


Kind regards,

Karen Ford-Warner

UWI Open Campus

Alumni Relations Consultant