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Re-Accreditation Sub-Committees 2017-2019

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The preparation of the self-study report is divided into five teams which corresponded to the five standards set by the Barbados Accreditation Council.

Below is a summary of the standards and the sub-committee members.

Standard 1: Mission and Objectives

The institution’s mission and objectives are appropriate to post-secondary or tertiary education and consistent with the policies and practices that guide its operations.

Sub-Committee (1): Chairperson: Prof. Julie Meeks


Ms. Charmaine McKenzie

Mr. Ryan Byer

Dr. Ngoni Chipere

Mr. Tommy Chen

Mr. Kevin Ramsoobhag

Standard 2: Governance and Administration

The institution’s system of governance ensures ethical decision-making and efficient provision of human, physical and financial resources to effectively accomplish its educational and other purposes.

Sub-Committee (2): Chairperson: Dr. Emily Dick-Forde


Dr. Francis Severin

Mrs. Karen Ford-Warner

Dr. Glenford Howe

Mrs. Karen Lequay

Standard 3: Teaching and Learning

Sub-Committee (3) Chairperson: Dr. Denise Gaspard-Richards

Dr. Janetha Long

Dr. Lora Pilgrim

Dr. Yasmeen Yusuf-Khalil

Mrs. Gillian Holder

Standard 4: Readiness for Change

The institution’s human, physical and financial resources are strategically allocated and employed to respond to the social and economic needs of a rapidly changing global society.

Sub-Committee (4): Chairperson: Dr. Benita Thompson


Ms. Shelly-Ann Roberts

Mr. Eric Baron

Dr. Cheryl McDonald-Sloley

Ms. Janet DeSouza

Mr. Michael Thomas

Ms. Melissa Alleyne 

Standard 5: Quality Enhancement

The institution monitors, reviews and improves its Quality Management Systems through effective planning and evaluations, sustained effort and commitment to quality.

Sub-Committee (5): Chairperson: Dr. Pamela Dottin


Mr. Gregory Jones 

Mrs. Alecia Walter-Archie

Ms. Kathyann Lashley

Mrs. Camille Morris-Robinson

Mrs. Andrea Burnett