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Office of the Registrar, Student Services

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Mrs. Karen Ford-Warner


Profile of the Registrar:

Mrs Ford-Warner, who recently served as Open Campus Alumni Relations Consultant, brings to this new post a rich and broad range of expertise...

Office of the Campus Registrar, Student Services

This Office is responsible for all matters related to student services as well as governance records management in the Open Campus.

The five core areas within the Office of the Campus Registrar are Recruitment, Admissions and Registration; Assessment, Awards and Records; Student Support and Services, Records and Information Management and the Secretariat.

These departments are responsible for supporting and caring for our constituents through the provision of timely and accurate services to prospects, students, administrative and academic departments as well as to the public.   Each department is supervised by a Senior Assistant Registrar or Assistant Registrar (or equivalent position), functioning in a distributed environment across the 17 countries of the Caribbean region serviced by the University of the West Indies and reporting to the Campus Registrar.