Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor & Principal

Professor Hazel Simmons-McDonald

This office acts as the central headquarters of the Open Campus, conducting much of the work it did in its previous incantation as the Board for Non-Campus Countries and Distance Education (BNCCDE).

The institutional research unit has been strengthened within this office to ensure that institutional research is conducted on a regular basis to inform the efficient functioning of all units within UWI Open.

This office also collaborates closely with the Quality Assurance officer and the Management Auditor to obtain the information that UWI Open would require to maintain a high degree of excellence in its operations.

Continuing collaboration is important between this office and with the Open Campus sites in all the UWI-12 countries. The Director of the sites channels requests to this office for assistance by UWI to conduct research projects, which is in turn, is brought to the attention of the UWI Consulting Company to ensure a University-wide response to the research needs of the countries of the region.

The office also works closely with the Deputy Deans of Outreach in the Faculties as well as with the UWI ConsultingCompany to ensure that the research projects requested by governments through UWI Open sites are undertaken and completed in a timely fashion.