Academic Programming and Delivery

The Office of the Director

Academic Programming and Delivery

Dr Joel Warrican

The Division of Academic Programming and Delivery (APAD) is responsible for both developing and delivering the courses of the Open Campus. The work of APAD begins with the recognition most Open Campus students are balancing their studies with other priorities, including family and job responsibilities. To reflect and support the needs of Open Campus students, APAD has been organized to focus on several key processes.

The Course Development Department creates courses that rely heavily on blended and online delivery methods. The result will be courses that both an excellent learner experience and allow Open Campus courses to be accessible to students throughout the entire region.

A number of departments and units within APAD focus on programme planning and delivery. The goal of our programme planning is to ensure that the Open Campus has a comprehensive set of programme options to offer students, organized in such a way to address the unique needs and challenges faced by our learners. When delivering our courses and programmes to students, APAD provides responsive services to ensure they are fully supported and assisted so that they may direct their energies fully toward their studies.

Finally, APAD regularly assesses programs, courses and delivery to ensure that we continually improve in our ability to understand and meet the need of our students.