Welcome to the UWI Open Campus

About the Open Campus, UWI

The newest campus of the 60-year-old University of the West Indies (UWI) was formally launched in Antigua & Barbuda in June 2008.

The Open Campus is an amalgamation of the previous Office of the Board for Non-Campus Countries & Distance Education (BNNCDE), the School of Continuing Studies (SCS), the UWI Distance Education Centre (UWIDEC), and the Tertiary Level Institutions Unit (TLIU).

The UWI Open Campus offers multi-mode teaching and learning services through virtual and physical site locations across the Caribbean region. There are currently 42 site locations of the Open Campus in the region, serving 16 countries in the English-speaking Caribbean.

The Open Campus has developed a unique approach in the Caribbean region to enhancing the student experience in innovative continuing and professional education, undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education study programmes and courses by distance, blended, online and face-to-face learning modes.

We offer a three-tiered registration structure to suit particular needs and educational backgrounds. The system allows our students to move and transfer within the entire University system to reach the required standard.

All our programmes and courses at the Open Campus have been designed in direct response to a need for high quality continuing and professional development in many key areas in the Caribbean and global markets.


Guiding Principles

The Open Campus of the University of the West Indies is based on the idea that the high-quality university education, research and services available at our institution should be open and available to all people who wish to reach their full potential inside and outside of the Caribbean region.

The Open Campus will adopt quality teaching and learning experiences, innovative pedagogic design, relevant research and community partnerships to deliver face-to-face, blended and online learning.


Core Values


Strategic Options

  1. Develop a consistent and effective approach to product management and rationalisation.
  2. Expand the UWI Open Campus footprint.
  3. Promote and undertake research as a vehicle for Caribbean development especially within the UWI-12.
  4. Build strategic networks regionally and globally to support the university's mission and vision and core values.
  5. Continue to create inter-departmental alignment and system integration to support the core business of the Campus.